Mike Doucet - REALTOR®


Keeling Realty, LLC

16055 Space Center Blvd. #220 Houston, Texas 77062

Mike Doucet is an accomplished Real Estate Investor/Real Estate Agent that has been personally investing in single family properties in the Houston and surrounding areas for over 25 years.  


Mike's experience includes over 30 years in Corporate America, as a manufacturers rep. and in sales management. In 2014, Mike made a decision to leave the corporate world and proceeded to continue building his rental portfolio to the point where he has surpassed his previous corporate salary level. If that sounds interesting, Mike would welcome the opportunity to discuss the possibility of showing you how to do the same!   


Since becoming a licensed Real Estate agent, Mike has also worked as a leasing agent for a residential Property Management company. This has allowed Mike to view the renting, and tenancy side of the business, from a corporate business perspective. This is the side of the business where most un-informed investors fail, and an area where his experience, and expertise allow him to educate his clients, and help them avoid the costly mistakes that can cause considerable financial damage to your properties and your checkbook.   


Mike's ultimate goal in business is to assist his clients in understanding how to prosper in today's highly competitive Real Estate market. There is no shortage of free real estate advice out there, and everyone is selling their version of what will make you rich. At Keeling Realty, LLC, we will assess your needs, desires, and situation, and then set up an active game plan to simply “make it happen".   


Mike is currently available for individual consultations, and welcome the opportunity to visit with you to discuss your current and future plans. Mike will also assist you in developing a realistic game plan to help you achieve your Real Estate and Financial goals.  


Mike looks forward to working with you, in achieving your goals, and dreams!